Sure we blushed a little at being named one of Boston’s Top Places to Work AGAIN—yes, for those of you playing at home, it was a “three-peat.” But we know that it’s an honor that isn’t about US, but about YOU.

After all, it’s our employees that make radius financial group such an awesome place to work. Of course, we love the accolades…it’s pretty cool to be in a select group as one of 40 top “medium-sized” companies (those with 100 to 249 workers).

That’s right….as part of the Boston Globe’s “Top Places to Work” initiative, they surveyed more than 82,000 employees at 318 companies to get anonymous feedback on all sorts of stuff, from how employees feel about their compensation to how confident they feel in the company’s future. And of course, about those jelly beans.

We love attention. But for all the right reasons.

Our mission at radius financial is to “Make mortgages better.” But how can you do that if your employees aren’t happy? Fortunately we don’t have to find out—we know that happy employees make happy customers, and that’s why we do what we do, day in and day out.

The reason we strive to be a “top workplace” is because we want our employees to arrive here every day, eager to provide exceptional service. But the good news is that for us it just comes naturally.  That’s because being a “top workplace” is literally baked into our DNA, with our focus on culture.

And we live that out every day through our core values, which we use to guide our decisions, find employees whom we know will be an awesome fit, grow our business and ultimately—create a top workplace.

Those values that we live by are:

  • customer obsessed
  • team inspired
  • results driven
  • character matters
  • kinda curious

Want to see our values in action?

These values shine through in everything we do, whether we’re having a blast at Halloween or raising money for those in our community who need a little help—just recently we raised $10,000 for 18 charities at radius’ 1st Charity Cup where we went crazy racing go-carts.

We are so “customer-obsessed” that we went on a little road trip to meet some of our clients and find out what they really think about radius; like, what makes us different (turns out they think we treat them like family!); or what kind of dance radius would be (Macarena, chicken dance or even Elaine Benes!); and our favorite—when they were asked to describe radius in three words, it turned out most of them only needed two—and they picked two of our faves: reliable…and fun. In fact, we even love to have fun being “Kinda Curious,” and yes, don’t worry—everyone here knows as much as you’d ever want to know about mortgages and APRs.

But we’re always looking for the next brilliant—or absurd!—idea and we never know where it will come from. But we are sure it will be “team inspired.”

Is all this “have fun,” “top place to work,” talk getting you thinking about joining our team? We thought it might, and if you care about culture and our core values as much as we do, we’ve got a spot for you! Find out more here. And of course, we’d love for you to be our customer, too. No reason employees should have all the fun, is there?