A New Mortgage to Replace Your Current One

Get a new loan to pay off your existing mortgage loan debt through a refinancing loan. As a result of refinancing, you may wind up with a lower interest rate than the rate you had been paying, which would lower your monthly payment.

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Should I Refinance?

Most people refinance to save money on their monthly payment. Others refinance to take equity out of their home to pay for something big or to change the term (number of years) of their mortgage. We can help determine if refinancing makes sense for your individual circumstances.

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Want to learn more about the home-buying process?

It’s important to understand the facts and the myths about the home-buying process and realize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting approved for a mortgage loan.

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We're licensed up and down the eastern seaboard—then some. Loan programs vary from state to state, so talking to a loan officer licensed in your planned purchase state is a must.


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