As the summer comes to a close we want to thank our squad of interns who have been with us over the past 3 months. Each of these young men and women fit into our culture by demonstrating great character, curiosity, and team inspired results. All five entered the radius scholarship essay competition for a chance to win $1,000 towards their education.

Please join us in congratulating Kevin Bromberg on winning the award. Well done. Well deserved! Check out Kevin's essay below!

My time here at radius financial group was nothing short of valuable. I have learned more than I ever thought was possible given my three month tenure. My role has been spent divided into multiple departments, allowing me to obtain experience in two separate fields within my major (finance). I had the ability to review legitimate financial documents and how they directly impacted the business. I was able to move real money around and mailed out checks to vendors every day. This newfound responsibility lead to an exponential increase in my confidence during the duration of the summer. Not only was I able to learn the basic foundational skills of accounting and data analytics and apply those skills into a functioning business environment, but I learned real life experiences along the way.

I worked closely with Peter Cook, the data analyst who was both a guide and mentor for me throughout the entire length of the internship. He assigned me tasks ranging from creating reports to posting invoices on the company’s accounting software. Peter taught me the true meaning of being “results driven”. I felt as if I was contributing to the company in ways I didn’t think would be possible for an intern. I quickly adopted the “team inspired” culture being taken in by my surrounding coworkers, allowing me to feel at home whenever I came into work. This also enabled me to feel comfortable asking questions which was my primary concern entering my first internship.

Jim Harnett played a huge role in building my confidence here. He always had a great attitude no matter how busy or stressed out he was at the time. He made the drive down from the Bedford office to meet with me and diligently answered my random curiosities with examples and supportive reasoning. This made it possible for me to be “kinda curious”.

The majority of the time here at radius was spent creating the workflow process for the accounting department. I worked one-on-one with Peter and Jim in meetings, as they described and walked me through their daily tasks. I was to take specific notes on what they do on a day-to-day basis and create a step-by-step process of how to complete these tasks using screenshots and adding photos. Through a long process of revisions and collaboration, I was able to create a final product that worked. This was special for me to contribute to the extent that future employees will refer back to my work.

As I enter the upcoming school year I have an entirely new mindset. After obtaining firsthand, ‘behind the scenes’ experience inside of a successfully growing company, I look at the real world with a new perspective. I can bring the skills and mentality I have achieved working here at radius with me to maximize what I can learn in classroom. I will be able to carry-on with a great attitude and a positive outlook on how much “character matters”.

All of us at radius financial group and radius insurance group are sending a big "Thank You" and "Good Luck" to Alex Heppenstall - George Washington University, Scot O'Brien - Norwich University, Ben Collins - University of Vermont, Kevin Bromberg - University of Tampa , and Jack Murray - Catholic University of America!