Postcard art that says Greetings from Boston MassachusettsNew England is known for a wide variety of things. Our wicked sayings, die-hard love for sports and an attitude that you will not find in any other place in the world. For those not from the area or who are new may find it to be quite the challenge to get in with the locals. Along with the things mentioned above, we have much more unique things here. It's important to know them if you are going to call New England your new home. In this post, we are mentioning seven things in New England, which are totally wicked.

  1. No Sales Tax

In New England state of New Hampshire, shoppers are happy to find that there is no sales tax. If you want to go on a trip to get some major shopping done, then this is one place you ought to consider and take advantage of.

  1. Fluffernutter

Many New Englanders pride themselves on this local snack. It is a sandwich that consists of part marshmallow and part peanut butter pairings. This is one treat you are most likely never to find in many other parts of the country.

  1. Moxie

Moxie is a regional soda that comes from New England. It is flavored with gentian root extract which gives it a unique and recognizable bitter taste.

  1. The Bubbler

A bubbler is what the rest of the world typically calls a water fountain. If you are in New England, make sure you refer to the water fountain as a bubbler or you are bound to get a few awkward stares from the locals.

  1. Candlepin Bowling

This is not your traditional game of bowling. One of the primary differences between Candlepin Bowling and regular bowling is the tiny pins and balls used to play the game. Most individuals not from New England have most likely never heard of this alternative.

  1. Packie

While most people around the country would consider a package store the place to go when you are in need of packaging or shipping items, in New England, it is where you go for a drink. When New Englanders are heading to the “Packie”, they are heading to get some booze.

  1. New England Lobster Rolls

And the last, but not the least. As one of the most favored local meals, the New England Lobster Roll is one thing that you will not find duplicated anywhere else in the world. You can find them being served up at restaurants or seaside shakes and they will definitely be leaving you wanting more.

When you are making your move to New England, you will want to make sure you know these common New England’s foods, pastimes, and sayings. Knowing these you will not only fit in better, you will be able to adjust better as well!

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