Loan Estimate Terms

Within three business days of receiving an application, radius will provide you with an official Loan Estimate, which is a disclosure that provides a good faith estimate of the rate, fees, and other costs associated with your mortgage based on the information reasonably available to radius at the time of your application.
You can submit an application to radius by providing us with the following six (6) pieces of information: (1) name; (2) income; (3) social security number; (4) property address; (5) an estimated value of the property; and (6) the mortgage loan amount sought.

While radius does not require you to submit documents to verify any information you provided on your application, you may voluntarily do so to allow radius to process your application more quickly. Regardless of whether or not you choose to submit such information at this time, we recommend gathering such documentation as soon as possible because you will need it later on. Here is a list of documentation lenders commonly require to assess your creditworthiness:


Type Typical Amount Requested
Paystubs 1 month
W-2’s forms 2 years
Personal Federal Tax Returns (all schedules) 2 years
Business Tax Returns (all schedules including K-1’s if applicable) 2 years


Type Typical Amount Requested
Checking and Savings Statements (all pages) 2 months
Retirement Account Statements (all pages) Quarterly
Brokerage Account Statements (all pages) 2 months
Gift Funds (proof or receipt and source of funds) TBD

Letters of explanation are typical for a Credit History consisting of Derogatory accounts including but not limited to Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Short Sale, Collections, Charge-offs, Late Payments or Public Records such as Federal, State or Municipal Tax Liens or Civil Judgements.

Inquiries made by creditors within 120 days of the date of the credit report may require a brief written explanation as well as an indication as to whether or not any “new debt” resulted from this inquiry.